Sports Injury and Rehabilitation

Certain joints & body regions are designed for stability, and others are designed for mobility—understanding the difference between the two, and knowing how to evaluate, rehabilitate, and provide functional strength those areas are what sets elite coaches, personal trainers, or manual care providers apart from the rest. Sports, like life, are dynamic activities that require us to constantly challenge our bodies to achieve something great. They aren’t played in one dimension, but rather force us to move in three dimensions at once and put strain on our bodies above and beyond what we otherwise would throughout our daily lives. To excel at sports requires dedication, practice, and hard work—and also requires that your body be conditioned and functioning at 100% to allow you to maximize the benefits of that hard work.

Some of the most common injuries that sideline athletes and keep them from performing are often the result of overuse, repetitive motion, or those that are slow to heal. Injuries, such as tendonitis, sprains & strains, and over-exertion can cause extensive time lost throughout a season if not treated properly.

Drs. Kleene, Weber, and Wessels approach sports medicine with new and emerging treatment protocols allowing them to treat your injuries and biomechanical defects efficiently and safely—allowing you to get back out onto the field faster. See the Related Content below to learn more about these techniques and treatment options.

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