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Back In Line Family Chiropractic & Wellness practices chiropractic—serving Cedar Rapids, Hiawatha, Marion, and surrounding eastern Iowa communities in the corridor area. Using chiropractic and other related techniques, we take a holistic approach to your health care.


Make Healthy Contagious. Help support and encourage those around us to make lifestyle choices to improve their quality of life. Have fun, work hard, play hard, be contagious.


Back In Line Family Chiropractic & Wellness is a group of uniquely skilled providers and team members who work alongside each other, keeping our patients best interests at heart. We focus on getting our patients well and exceeding their expectations.

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Personalized Wellness

Tailored health services meet your unique needs, fostering a personalized path to better health.

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Experience cutting-edge treatments that promote healing, recovery, and well-being.

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Find comfort in a welcoming space that supports your wellness journey every step of the way.


Back In Line Family Chiropractic & Wellness offers both Out-of-Network and In-Network services to our patients. The choice on which to use is an individual one, based on your insurance, and your specific health goals. See the descriptions of each below. We can help you navigate which option makes the most sense for you!


Out-of-Network Care

An out-of-network doctor has not agreed to those same pre-negotiated services, rates, and contracts on how to treat a patient. As a result, an out-of-network provider (since there is no contract) is free to actually practice wellness-based healthcare  and prescribe what he/she feels is in your best interest (what will actually help you) rather than being constrained to what insurance companies will pay for.

This is not to say that in-network providers do not have your best interests at heart—they do. But, because they have a contract in place with the insurance companies, they are limited to the scope of that contract for services and cost.

Patients will often refrain from care with out-of-network providers on  the assumption that the cost will be higher versus an in-network provider. However, seeking out an in-network doctor is not always the best choice for you to get the care that you need. Some patients on various high deductible plans (especially those that typically do not reach their deductible) may even see a cost savings depending on their individualized care plan.


In-Network Care

Health insurance companies consult with in-network physicians to provide specific services to patients at pre-negotiated, contracted rates. 

Specific services are for general musculo-skeletal conditions—such as neck pain, back pain, radicular pain, tendonitis/tendonsis, and more.

Non-covered conditions are typically for fertility, acute sinus infections, scar tissue in the abdominal region, gut issues, hormone issues, and wellness-based chiropractic care. Wellness-based chiropractic care is for patients that have no regions of complaint and subscribe to a more progressive and holistic approach to their health.


Using the hands to help heal the body is not a new concept, but since it’s inception in the United States in 1895, chiropractic has evolved and developed into a system of healing. Other natural therapies our office offers include nutrition and food sensitivity testing, acupuncture and physiotherapy, cupping, trigger point dry needling, kinesiology taping, Active Release Techniques (A.R.T.), Contact Reflex Analysis (C.R.A.), Nutrition Response Testing (N.R.T.), and NormaTec Compression Therapy. All of these are used within our office to accelerate the body’s own innate ability to heal.

Back In Line Family Chiropractic & Wellness uses all available tools to help you live more naturally—without drugs and other harmful treatments as your only options. Your body is a sacred vessel. Given the proper treatment it should carry you through years of happy and pain-free living.


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