Women’s Health & Wellness Planning

You’ve got a lot on your plate. Amongst the million things you think about daily, we’re sure your health comes up once or twice. At Back In Line we’ve got a unique advantage, and that is—we’ve been there. We’re real women, with real problems, real solutions, and real busy lives. We know having children might be your current reality, a far (far) future dream, or not in your plan at all. The best way for you to stay healthy and well is to know your strengths and weaknesses. We’re not talking about your karaoke struggle, and your chili cook-off domination. We’re talking about your cells, your genes, and your metabolism.

Planning A Family

Whether kids are in your future tomorrow, or in 10 yearsnow​ is the best time to get a baseline measurement of how your body is functioning. We want you to be functioning at 100% when the right time strikes.

Never Will I Ever
We don’t want to spoil it for you, but it’s true. You can be a woman and not want to have children. Being completely fulfilled by your career, friends, family, wild vacations, or dog-mom status is awesome. Let us keep you well ​now so you can still be high on life later.

Supporting Your Family

Your kids and partner would struggle without you, and they thrive when you’re well! Being mom takes a lot out of you (understatement of the century), and it’s hard to find time to take care of yourself. Make sure you’re fully replenished. Let us focus on you now…for once.

The NutrEval

See a sample NutrEval here

There’s a difference between taking supplements, and taking the supplements you need.

The NutrEval is a blood and urine test that measures the ins and outs of your metabolism.

It helps us answer questions like:

  • ​Does my body make enough Vitamin D on its own?
  • Am I getting enough protein?
  • Is my nutrition (or lack there of) the reason I’m so tired all the time?
  • Am I actually digesting my food?
  • Do I need a probiotic?
  • Are my mercury fillings making me toxic?
  • and more

Regardless of your family status, it’s smart to know these things about your body.

If you’re planning on getting pregnant in the future, this can help us decide the perfect prenatal nutrition for you. Poor nutrition and toxins can cause infertility. Let’s identify and resolve your weaknesses. As a pregnant woman, your baby will always get first “dibs” on your nutrient stores. Baby needs omega 3’s? He’ll take yours—leaving you with less of your own brain food and giving you a great case of “pregnancy brain.” Baby needs B vitamins to build a nervous system? She’ll just use yours—and here comes fatigue. Let’s make sure your have plenty of nutrients to go around before you start sharing with that tiny person inside you.

If you’ve already had a little one (or two) let’s check your levels to see what changed after baby, and how we can get you back to 100%. Full nutrient storage helps your body function the best it can. When you’re healthy, vibrant, and full of life, it’s so much easier to take care of everyone else. This is double important if you’re planning on expanding your tribe!

Living that active lifestyle

Reasons an average multivitamin might not work for you

  • You exercise regularly
  • You’re really stressed out You have a high intensity job
  • You have a genetically fast metabolism.

The NutrEval can help us decide if you need more nutrients than the average chickadee because you use more during the day.

Have you ever been on birth control? You need to read this now! [please]!

Food Sensitivity Testing

See a sample food sensitivity report

Through research and clinical experience, it’s becoming more and more apparent that you can’t function well without a healthy gut. Our gut houses 70% of our immune system, and a healthy gut helps us think clearly, feel happy, maintain a healthy weight, and more. It’s true. Pain, headaches, depression, and weight gain may be due to irritated intestines.

Read this if you need to know more

We suggest a baseline food sensitivity test for anyone striving for long-term wellness. This easy-peasy test (a simple finger prick) tells us which foods are irritating you specifically. Your friend may need to go gluten-free, but you might need to lay off the dairy. Every person is unique. Even seemingly healthy foods like bananas and pineapple may irritate certain people.

Eliminating food sensitivities is crucial to wellness because irritating foods cause inflammation. When your body is inflamed, you’re more likely to get sick, feel pain, sleep poorly, and gain weight. We can test 96 different foods with results sent conveniently by email, to see if you’re experiencing any unnecessary inflammation.

Living with constipation, diarrhea, stomach aches or irritable bowel? These may be common issues, but they’re not normal. When conditions like these last for long periods of time they can lead to more serious problems like auto-immune diseases such as chron’s, ulcerative colitis, hashimoto’s, and so on. Take charge of your long term health by knowing your triggers now so you don’t have to deal with something more complicated later.

Lab work costs: Laboratory panels vary in cost from $150-$250, and are generally not covered by insurance as they are considered preventative care. We happen to love prevention, and therefore choose to use the tests that give the most “bang for your buck.” If you have financial concerns, don’t hesitate to ask our office manager how you can use your HSA, flex spending, or a payment plan to make wellness possible for you and your family. We promise to do our best to honor your time, money, and health.