Covid-19 Spike AB Testing Protocol


  • Call and schedule testing with the front desk 319-892-3363
  • Faith/Anna/Brittney will email you a one-page intake RE your history with Covid-19
  • We must have your DOB on file, if a minor, we need parental consent.

History Needed

  • Confirmed positive RT-PCR date
  • Assumed illness approximate dates
  • Do you feel fully recovered? Or do you suffer from lingering fatigue, shortness of breath, or other symptoms
  • None aware, just hoping to have been asymptomatic positive for CV19
  • No RT-PCR test, was vaccinated: Provide dates and manufacturer, please list any side effects if any after each dose

Waiver of Consent:

  • This is not FDA approved (pull off of AB spike test)
  • This is considered an investigation and you are aware that insurance does not cover this cost.
  • This is not medically necessary for any purpose other than your own information.