Covid-19 At Home Care Plan

Prophylactic Care and Planning

As things continue to emerge with regards to CV19 and mutations, I believe people have some options to consider. Here is a review of my rationale and sources for these suggestions.

My intention is not anti-vaccine. These are the steps my family is doing as we prepare for the fall and winter.

The number of people I know personally, who are fully vaccinated and positive for CV19 is somewhat alarming. If you read from the current EAU authorized manufacturers of the shots, all of them state that you can still get CV19, and still spread CV19. Regardless, I also know many people who are unwilling to get the shot. Those who are reluctant are not conspiracy theorists and have my full support.

The population, I believe, should be very cautious to receive the EUA shots:

  • Children
  • Those who are not done having children (making babies, dads and moms)
  • Those who have had CV19 from natural exposure. Keep in mind, the majority of positive cases were asymptomatic positive RT-PCR. There is a chance you’ve been exposed and didn’t know it and have the Spike Protein Antibodies
  • Those who practice conscious health practices; ie: have any symptoms (stay in, monitor illness, avoid others, and practice social distancing when symptomatic for cold, flu, and/or covid19 symptoms.

With that, vaccinated or not, I do believe in being wise and having options as backup in case you contract CV19 and become symptomatic—or have comorbidities that may make you more at risk for more aggressive CV19 symptoms.

Things I know to be true

Covid is not going away anytime soon. We’ve had the flu vaccine for 83 years and we still see the flu every year. The virus will mutate and many strains will come from this.

In my office, I have had several CV19 long haulers. Long after they should have been recovered from the virus, these long haulers have cardiomyopathy, extreme fatigue, memory loss, and brain fog. One is a 32 year “previously healthy” patient who lost her job because she is struggling to function in day-to-day activities. Many of my long haul patients were stressed out (job stress and/or family stress) prior to becoming sick with CV19 They often had delay of care—or no care/medications/vitamins at all.

If you find yourself in a state of high stress, I encourage you to work with a provider(s) to help you in lowering your stress response. My long haul patients were told to stay home and recover. None of them had vitals taken or monitored during their illness until they became so sick they had a family member take them to the hospital for care.  Never in the history of healthcare have we, as providers, been told to tell our sick patients to stay home. I do believe this measure made the illness worse, fueled the pandemic, and created many of the long haul patients.

If my kid had an asymptomatic double-ear infection I could get 1-2 prescriptions today. If you have symptoms of CV19, there is no “treatment” until you become so sick you need it to save your life. If there was an FDA approved drug for CV19, they would not be able to have the emergency use authorization in place and shift billions of taxpayer dollars into the hands of big pharma for non-FDA approved shots.

While I personally got CV19 in Oct 2020, I was fortunate enough to have access to IV vitamins, peptides, and high dose nutraceuticals as part of my recovery.

I have had my spike protein antibodies tested. Here is an example report. The CV19 shots—or natural immunity are the only two ways one could have the spike antibody proteins. US Biotek suggests testing spike protein every 6-10 months. Those with high exposure rates (nurses, doctors, grocery store employees, those that don’t mask or social distance will maintain immunity longer) compared to those with low to no exposure rates (those who are  immune-compromised, those staying in and social distancing, etc).

My level was above 250, 7 months after my positive RT-PCR test. I will test again shortly.

The cost for lab testing your spike protein antibodies is $84. I suggest a $44 Vit D3 add-on test for a total of $128.

To process your test request  request (my review, plus front desk time) is $50/order on top of your lab fees. If you have additional questions prior to testing, or post testing, that is billed at $50/10 min of time to reply to emails, etc. Typically, it’s a straightforward response.

I recently found out you can test at LabCorp for $10 (click the link, order the test, and schedule your draw). It will not contain the Nucleocapsid test, but will have a spike AB test.

For your consideration, according to US Biotek:

  • 1 in 5 people who get CV19 naturally, will not elicit a high enough response for immunity/protection from exposure. This data may change as time goes on. Companies currently producing the shots, have used .80 U/mL as a threshold for immune response.

I have been following an organization (who mainstream media and many highly educated healthcare providers) dismiss as spreading false information. This organization challenges what mainstream media, big pharma, and many of our government funded organizations like the CDC have established as the “standard of care.” I encourage you to evaluate these statements and make the best decision for yourself. This serves as a source of information. You are in charge and you are free to make your own decisions. Please do your own research beyond these suggestions.

This information should not serve as a substitute for an office visit/consult. I am sharing my thoughts and what I am doing/have done for my family.

Prevention Protocol No symptoms, but high exposure chance

Exposure or Prophylactic Protocol as a consideration to have at home/in stock in case of symptomatic/positive result. You can do the prophylactic protocol if you feel you are at high risk or have been exposed, or if/when you develop symptoms of Cv19.


  • ImmuneBoost 2 capsules preventive/day or 4 capsules/day if exposed to illness, 8 capsules/day is positive
  • Melatonin 1 capsule = 1g of melatonin


Ivermectin—is not FDA approved for the treatment of CV19. Please continue to do your research to make your informed decision. Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine have been on the market for years and has been called the Wonder Drug:

Ivermectin for CV19 sources

Since I had CV19 and have high SPIKE AB levels above 250, I will only do the vitamin suggestions as prevention and immune support. If you have not had confirmed CV19, you can consider doing the prophylactic protocol.

For Tyler and the kids, I wanted to have doses on hand in case they developed symptoms and in case their symptoms progressed to a more aggressive state of disease.

Purchase a pulse oximeter as well to monitor your breathing every 4 hours while awake. You must seek medical attention in-person if below 90%, and be on higher alert if goes below 94%.

Purchase an at-home blood pressure monitor. BP below 90/50 is concerning and should be seen by a doctor.

Many of you have wrist watch technology that tracks heart rate variability. You could see that shift as well and is a sign your body is fighting an illness.

How to get Ivermectin

Most Iowa doctors I’ve talked to are unwilling to write an Rx for Ivermectin because of the controversy around CV19 and it not being an FDA approved treatment. For some, it’s the fear of their governing board. Others do not agree that ivermectin should be used. Many of them also feel the understudied CV19 shot is safe for every single person over the age of 12.  Regardless, we elected to do a telehealth appointment with a provider that has a license to practice in Iowa but may not be physically in Iowa.

I have had good luck with Medici but currently, they are only accepting patients with a positive RT-PCR and active infection.

The last telehealth for Iowa I have used successfully at this clinic.  I was charged $115. I did a form online with a health history, height/weight, etc. After 5 days I was prompted to enter my preferred pharmacy. The pharmacy that I have been told will have the best pricing is located in CareFirst Pharmacy in New Jersey. They shipped me a 3 month supply for $55.95 and a $3.95 shipping fee.  My local pharmacy filled for 25 days for $81.80, so CareFirst is a significant savings. You can look up various pharmacies here and look for coupons, etc.

Caution: Pregnancy  There is very little information we know at this time. You will need to be guided by a telehealth PCP if you desire this protocol.

Caution: Herbs Herbs other than what I have recommended in this document, may interact with medications in unpredictable ways, we do not have any way of checking herb drug interactions.

For proper absorption ivermectin is taken with food or after eating. The pharmacy may tell you to take on an empty stomach with water—this is incorrect.

Avoid exercise, alcohol, red meat and fast carbs completely for 30 days from the start of symptoms as the body is still inflamed; these will both prevent full healing and can trigger long haul COVID symptoms.

Other places to look for telehealth for various states can be found here. Lists of pharmacies that will fill for off-label use is found here.

For Breathing Treatments if you become symptomatic and if positive CV19 test:

You will need:

An example of how to mix this:

  • Take 16 ounces of clean filtered water
  • 1 teaspoon of salt and 3/4 teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide
  • Mix these up and pour 1-2 tablespoons of the solution into the nebulizer then add the Lugol’s solution

*If you are healthy then there is no need to nebulize daily. Only nebulize if you think you have been infected like being sneezed on or after a plane ride.

*If you have a compromised immune system then it is OK to nebulize daily for prevention.

*If you are having symptoms like a runny nose or sore throat then nebulize 4 x day for 10-15 minutes until symptoms are resolved.