Many leading athletes, trainers, and fitness enthusiasts around the world currently use NormaTec technology. NormaTec uses a patented massage pattern that works on different parts of the body. The devices attach to the arms, hips and/or legs. These are sophisticated systems that effectively mimic the natural motions of the arms and legs to remove metabolites and fluids from the limbs after intense activity. The pulsing movements are helpful for preventing injuries and accelerating recovery time. 

The benefits of NormaTec Pulse compression therapy include enhanced blood flow and dynamic compression that ensures that fluids leave the limbs after intense workouts. The system is also designed with distal release, which prevents backflow. Some of the benefits reported by studies include increased flexibility and range-of-motion for the lower extremities after workouts.

As NormaTec increases in popularity, it’s being used in a variety of settings. Sports teams, CrossFit athletes, runners, cyclists and triathletes are among the people who use this technology. Benefits include performance enhancements and faster recovery. 

The Back In Line crew recommends this therapy for those patients retraining fluid, post mastectomy, and various lymphedemas. 

If you have any questions, feel free to call us at (319) 892-3363. Unfortunately, NormaTek therapy is not covered by insurance and is considered wellness care.