What Vitamins Do You Need?

Which vitamins do you need? Let’s find out.

We enjoy seeing patient specific data—which is one of the reasons we like ordering lab testing specific to the patients individual health goals. We also enjoy knowing that everyone is different and in today’s world, our patients are not, and should not, be molded into the “cookie cutter” model of care we see so frequently. Everyone is a unique individual with unique capabilities within our DNA, some respond better to certain medications, while others have adverse reactions to the very medications (or supplements) geared towards helping them feel better, no matter how “healthy” or how “sick” a person is. Why do some cancers seem so aggressive, while we witness others with cancer experience mild symptoms? Why do some patients avoid disease completely, but make unhealthy lifestyle choices (high trans fat diet, processed foods, smoker, sedentary lifestyle, high consumption of sugary drinks and alcohol, etc.)?

There are so many variables in our health

One of the ways we can best detect disease, and truly prevent it, is to test for micronutrient deficiencies. With a simple blood and urine test, we can find the essential vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals that your specific body needs. With these tests, we’re not comparing you to a national average—because you’re not average. You’re unique. So we test your unique metabolism rather than a number on a scale. Many of the vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants tested are necessary for thyroid regulation, mood regulation, hormone balance and estrogen detoxification, adrenal regulation, immune function, DNA expression, and more. The effect of good nutrition is limitless.

Nutritional Consultation prior to lab testing is required. Nutritional consultations and exams ($40-50 depending on the patient’s health history), and are not covered by insurance. Functional medicine laboratory tests are often considered “wellness and prevention” and “not medically necessary” under most insurance plans (hopefully they catch on soon)! Labs are run through an independent lab company (Genova Diagnostics) and range from $150-$200 paid directly to the lab. See a sample report here.