Food Allergies & Intolerences

Food Allergy? Food Intolerance? Gluten? Dairy? Peanut? Test before you eliminate!

Food allergies might be more common than some previous research has suggested, with a new study estimating that about 8% of children, about 6 million in the U.S., have a food allergy. Not only is this estimate higher than some previous research reported, the study found that reported allergic reactions are often severe and that many kids have more than one allergy. We are seeing 23% spike in food intolerances! More or less, your gut has become overburdened by the same foods at every meal (gluten, 7seven meals a day, corn, in all seven meals, etc.) which weakens the gut lining and creates a hypersensitivity reaction. These reactions can be very deceiving as they are delayed 2-72 hours after you have ingested them. You or your children may not realize that the corn is actually causing eczema, that rash you can’t seem to make go away, your dry, brittle nails, chronic constipation or diarrhea or even your IBS! See this Los Angeles Times article.

Finger Prick Blood ELISA testing

  • Less invasive than a full blood draw
  • Able to perform anyone older than 6 months of age
  • Offered in office and results received in a 2-4 week turn-around time

See a sample food sensitivity report. Cost is $250-$300 depending on basic 96-112 foods—herbs, toxins, etc.

Shopping Guide – Good Food on a Tight Budget

Food Intolerance Testing and children

We believe in informed health care for all ages. Use these videos help prepare and create a constructive dialogue between you and your child. What’s going to happen? What will it feel like? Hear from Porter (7), and Cooper (4) as they go through the process. They’ve each done the test multiple times and add their own 2 cents on testing.

The Modern Food Dilemma

Brike Baehr is amazing and we love his message. Being in the corn-belt of Iowa (and raised from a family of farmers, agriculture buffs, and by parents that worked hard and for food industry, we realize it’s a challenge to find a reasonable answer). Many of us “natural/hippie/real food junkies” are quick to hand out the criticism when it comes to bashing the food industry (GMOs, etc.) and it’s a hard reality to face. (Trust me, my hometown is where “pink slime” was manufactured. Overnight the town and company has been forced to shut down branches and cut hundreds of thousands of jobs as a result).

However, we do acknowledge Brike’s message, In fact, we encourage just what he’s advocating. Buy local, support your organic farmer, eat better, and be healthier!

Got your results back? Here’s a few helpful links!

We don’t want to leave you stranded after your results come back. We’d rather help you succeed! Changing your food might be the single most important factor in your health, and it can be the most economical too. You have to eat, you have to buy groceries, and you have to feed your family. If you’re buying food already, why not make it healthy?

​Here are the food sensitivity resources we hand out (like allergen-free, organic, locally produced, non-toxic) candy.

Gluten/Dairy/Egg Free Meals and Groceries

Cooking and Baking Substitutions

Gluten, Dairy, Egg-Free Comfort Food

Yeast Sensitivities

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