Neuroemotional Technique (N.E.T.)

Stress changes your body

Think about the feeling you get when you hear bad news—that stomach flip, knot in your belly, or nausea. Without even eating something bad, or having a diagnosable illness, your gut is experiencing pain. This doesn’t only happen with bad news, but any emotional stress from the time you were conceived until today. That’s right, you had emotions in the womb!

Certain emotions tend to affect certain organs, for example:

  • The liver harbors anger
  • The small intestines cling to feelings of lost and abandonment (ever heard of a kid who gets a bellyache when they get dropped off at school in the morning?)
  • Grief sits in our lungs
  • Extreme excitement resides in our heart (ever look at someone and feel like your heart is going to burst? Even good emotions can stress your body. Imagine if you loved someone so much and they didn’t love you back. It’s love but it’s stressful, right?

If you’ve “tried everything”—all of the labs, adjustments, Physical Therapy, and medications, and are still experiencing unwanted symptoms, it may be emotional. Patients with headaches, anxiety, depression, chronic pain, hives, diverticulitis, and more have experienced improvement with N.E.T.

N.E.T. uses muscle testing to find stressful areas and emotions, acknowledge it, and cope with it. Sometimes homeopathic remedies are used to further emotional healing. Find more information, videos, and scientific support for N.E.T here.

N.E.T. Sessions

N.E.T. Sessions are 40 minutes with Dr. Anderson
5 minute N.E.T. sessions with Dr. Anderson can be added to same day services with any other Doctor at a lower rate.

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