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Chemical and heavy metal toxins are now pervasive in our lives and no one is without exposure, even before birth. Toxins damage DNA, lead to neurological problems, disrupt the functioning of hormones, impede the absorption of nutrients, damage energy metabolism, and can manifest as one or more of a long list of symptoms. These problems can strike even early in life, though when they afflict older people, are sometimes dismissed as a “natural” consequence of aging. We think none of these problems should be an accepted part of modern life.

No other solution comes close to correcting toxic exposure like the Thermal Life infrared sauna. It is recommended by the most health practitioners including some of the most respected and cutting edge experts in their fields. The infrared sauna offered at Back in Line are found worldwide in some of the most progressive clinics, as well as the homes of people who make health a priority. Every day you are adding to your internal toxic burden with further exposure—there is no better time to start changing that than today. Check out this site for a review on the benefits and science behind sauna therapy.

Infrared Sauna Protocol for Children

Start Low, Go Slow!

  • Children have a small body mass, and many of them may not sweat a lot. Therefore, it is extremely important to build your child’s heat acclimatization program V E R Y slowly so as not to stress their smaller, more sensitive, and still growing system.
  • Never force a sauna. Make it an enjoyable and pleasant time for them during their daily schedule.
  • You can use the sauna with the door open and still experience many of the benefits of detoxification.If they complain about feeling hot or get fidgety, trust their own innate body wisdom, and let them get out!
  • You may wish to sit in the sauna to model good behavior, even if your child moves into and out of the sauna over a 20-minute time period. Encourage other family members to use the sauna, as well – everyone will benefit from detoxification!
  • Think about setting up a DVD player in front of the window (outside the sauna), or bringing in wooden or fabric toys or books to play with during the sauna session.
  • Even if your child doesn’t sweat in the early stages of sauna use, he/she will still release toxins via stool, urine and hair.
  • Starting out, and especially for pre-pubescent children, use the sauna every other day, or at least 3 times per week.
  • Always enter the sauna at 95-98 degrees F and warm up with the sauna. The sauna session begins when you enter the sauna at 95-98 degrees F, so you may have to reset the timer in order to experience the entire 10-20 minute session.
  • What to wear? Clothing is optional, but most folks wear a t-shirt and shorts. Cloth or organic disposable diapers are fine, but we do not recommend regular disposable diapers.
  • Protect the wood! Sit on a pad of folded-up towels and put towels under everyone’s feet to prevent sweat (and toxins) from soaking into the woodwork. To avoid reabsorption of toxins, wipe off sweat with a third towel, and shower soon after sauna use.
  • Remineralization: Although not as severe as chelation, there can be mineral loss during the sweating portion of the sauna. Consider mineral replenishment via supplements or ionized water, & drink electrolytes during the sauna session (Pedialyte and Recharge are great options).
  • Please follow at least the first 3 sessions as written. From there, it is up to you (and your child) how best to progress.
  • How to progress? Some folks will increase temperature by 5 F from one session to the next; they will progress at a faster rate. Others will only increase temperature by 2 F from one session to the next; they will obviously progress at a slower rate. Progress at the rate that is comfortable for you and your child!
  • Don’t fret if the temperature sensor records a slightly higher temperature. The temperature that you set before turning the sauna on is the most important factor for ensuring that the proper infrared rays are emitted.
  • If you feel the urge to push the temperature higher, NEVER go above 130 degrees F. Blood pressure will begin to increase at temperatures higher than 140 degrees F, and you will receive no increased benefit by using the infrared sauna at higher temperatures.

The following model is just that—a model for getting started

Using a sauna built with non-toxic wood is the 411 in learning proper detoxification. The High Tech Health Sauna Back in Line uses is made with Poplar Wood.  Poplar is the most expensive wood to buy of all the woods that saunas are made from. We use poplar for one important reason: it is and always has been the wood of choice for health clinics world-wide. Even the most discriminating clinics, such as Dr. William Rae’s Environmental Health Center in Dallas, Texas only use saunas made from Poplar wood. Only Poplar has allowed some of the very sickest people to detoxify.

Lots of sauna companies claim their wood is hypoallergenic too, but this is not true. If the wood emits a strong odor, it will always cause a reaction in some people, even if not right away. The ultimate test of a hypoallergenic wood is whether people who suffer from chemical sensitivity, an affliction that leaves the sufferer intolerant of anything even mildly toxic, can use the sauna and tolerate the wood in their home. Not only do the chemically sensitive react strongly to Cedar, Spruce, Pine, or Fir in their home, but even those people who are not sick get tired of the constant odor. We have a sample cedar sauna built in 1997 – as of 2011 it STILL emits a strong odor.

Our saunas were the only saunas mentioned in the book Detoxify or Die by environmental illness expert Sherry Rogers, MD. Since 2002 our saunas have been used by the sickest of people to detoxify clearly demonstrating their capability.

Information provided by High Tech Health

Pricing Options

Single Session

  • Single 20 minute session $8.00
  • Winter Flu Special—10 sessions $100 (incredible savings!)

Beginner Package

Beginner’s Package $100

  • Five Sessions
  • 100 Total Minutes

This package is designed to allow your patient to safely increase time and heat as he/she begins Far Infrared Sauna Therapy. The starting session is 10 minutes as the heat increases from 100 degrees to 110 degrees. The fifth and final session will be a 30 minute session that begins at 110 degrees and reaches 130 degrees. Patient tracking focuses on toxic symptoms, hydration and allowing the body to release heavy metals and chemicals at a safe rate. It is imperative to condition the body to Far Infrared therapy without detoxifying too fast. It is possible to re-toxify if too many toxins are released into the blood stream too fast. Once you are conditioned, simple scheduling for additional sessions is available.

Advanced Package

Advanced Package $300

  • 12 Sessions
  • 360 Total Minutes

The Advanced Package is for a month detox. The patient will use the sauna for 30 minutes three times a week for one month. Each session starts at 110 degrees and reaches 130 degrees. Patient tracking focuses on FIR health benefits, release of heavy metals and chemicals from the fat cells, enhanced immune health, cardiovascular conditioning, stress relief, weight loss, elimination of brain fog, increased circulation, pain relief and healing, reduced inflammation, improved energy, better sleep, lessened headaches and depression, defense against auto immune disease, removal of mycotoxins, and more. Testing before and after the month detoxification is recommended (hair, urine, stool, sweat, blood).

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