21-Day Juicing and Smoothie Challenge

Thank you for your interest in the 21-Day Juicing and Smoothie Challenge from Back In Line Family Chiropractic & Wellness! The challenge is a quick and easy way to promote wellness in your workplace through proper nutrition. The goal of this program is to establish healthy habits in employees while accepting and accommodating differences in taste preferences and lifestyles. Wellness programs in the workplace decrease health insurance costs, increase employee productivity, and build camaraderie. Healthy employees make for happy employees. We would love to include your company in pursuing our mission at Back In Line of “making healthy contagious!” The more buzz about real wellness, the better!

What to expect

The 21-Day Juicing and Smoothie Challenge presentation is about 30-40 minutes long, but can be adapted to a different length if necessary. In this short presentation we bestow on you some no-fail principles of healthy eating and basic wellness concepts. We are not supportive of fad diets! We encourage small changes that make your day easier and establish healthy habits long term. We will discuss the benefits of clean, whole, unprocessed nutrition through food sources, rather than supplementation. We will explain how to prepare healthy meals in bulk to increase efficiency and decrease time and money spent on groceries. Depending on the number of attendees, we include sample versions of our smoothies in addition to convenient smoothie cups that can be branded with your company logo (you may also use Back In Line logo cups at a discounted price). In addition to the smoothie cup and samples, your attendees will go home with an information packet that includes healthy smoothie recipes, a grocery list of all items needed, a reminder of the nutritional principles discussed, and a “cheat sheet” to help them stay on track with the challenge.

The challenge we proposed to our patients and our community included the following stipulations:

  • Drink a smoothie every day for 21 days (at any meal, homemade or purchased elsewhere)
  • Tag our clinic on social media 10 times with pictures or posts about wellness & healthy eating.
  • If the above are accomplished, participants are eligible for prized courtesy of Back In Line (in your case, your company sponsoring the 21-Day Juicing and Smoothie Challenge)

There are several options for this presentation. The stipulations and reward of your challenge can be customized to your employees and attendees. The specific decisions that will need to be made are discussed in detail below. We hope to tailor this to your employees for the most beneficial outcome. If you have a suggestion outside of the options listed below, feel free to propose modifications.

Smoothie Cups

21-Day Juicing and Smoothie ChallengeSmoothie Cups can be customized with your company logo, and can be purchased. Prices of the cups vary depending on the quantity ordered. We were able to get 100 Back In Line cups for approximately $5.00 per cup (this included the logo, tax, and shipping). If you do not want to invest in your own cups, we can offer you Making Healthy Contagious! cups for a discounted price of $4.00 per cup.Knowing the approximate number of attendees will help in planning this event.

Samples (optional)

If the facility allows (we need a 3 prong electrical outlet and a nearby table on site), we will supply organic fresh smoothie samples at a cost of $4 per sample. We will need to know the approximate number of attendees ahead of time in order to prepare sufficient samples. Attendees can receive the sample in a paper cup or a cup they bring with them. Smoothies can be customized to accommodate food allergies if we are notified ahead of time.

If you would like us to provide samples and smoothie cups, both items can be bundled for $7.00 per attendee!

Stipulations and Prizes

The constant stipulation of this challenge is that employees are encouraged to eat 21 healthy smoothies in 21 days. You will need to determine some specific requirements of the challenge. For example, we required our participants to tag Back In Line on social media to be eligible for prizes. This can be customized to benefit your company, rather than Back In Line. However, this avenue provided an easy way for us to boost our social media presence (very helpful!) and keep track of how many people accomplished the challenge. You may need to appoint a person on your company wellness committee to keep track of employee accomplishments either electronically, or in another fashion.

Prizes will need to be determined and supplied by your company. We chose to give away things that promoted our mission of wellness, such as free yoga, cycling, sauna sessions, and massage therapy. You are welcome to give away anything you feel will encourage your employees to follow through with the challenge for 21 days.

Printed materials

Printed materials such as the grocery list, recipe list, and nutrition guidelines, will be provided by Back In Line free of charge. We do ask that you inform us of the setting in which the presentation will take place (welcome area, conference room, etc.) and whether or not you will have a projector available to display a PowerPoint presentation.

Scheduling & Attendance

With the guidelines listed above, this presentation works best with a minimum of 10 attendees, and a maximum of 60. If you are anticipating more or less than this range, please let us know so we can brainstorm ways to accommodate your quantity! Where there’s a will there’s a way, right?

If you have any questions or concerns about the program do not hesitate to contact us. We are excited that you are interested in making health contagious within your company and our community!